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Have you been using the wrong words to some of your favorite songs, or worse yet, been listening to someone else singing them?   Let's put a stop to that right now with these Lyric oriented sites.
Hint:  A nicely done printout of a friend's favorite song, could cheer them up for the day.

Ultimate '80s Songs
Find lyrics to over 500 songs.

Lyrics World
Top 40 Hits of 1930-1999

Mudcat Cafe

A Lyrics & Knowledge Search Box and forums.


A well organized site. It's very easy to find artists, their album listings and songs lyrics.


Find your lyrics listed by the top hundred, the top 100 Artists, the top 100 Albums or search on the A-Z chart.

Find Lyrics and catch up on music news as well.

Now you have all the words. If you want to check out some music articles or download free music samples these sites cover things like that.

Watch live music performances on VH1 Unplugged, see music videos, get concert and tour information for your favorite artist. Listen To VH1 Radio on your computer from the VH1 website.

Rolling Stone

Snag a free song every day of the week from Rolling Stone.
The artists gives you some background on the song and they have a number of week to week pages of free downloads.

The official Grammy Awards site features a Photo Gallery, a
backstage pass, flashbacks, a nominees list, and much more.

An MP3 webring for you to pursue your favorite sport - chasing down everything about MP3s from one end of the Internet to the other.


MP3.com has news, videos, photos, and an assortment of items on their site.
The Top 25 Greatest Theme Songs of the Early 2000s can be found here.
Be sure to checK out 'The Office' video.


Amazon Free - Over 40,000 MP3 songs you can listen to or download free. Rock, Blues, Broadway, Children's Music, Christian, Classical, Country.

Some Fun - The Top-10 Misinterpreted-song-meanings.
Interested in some good home audio equipment? Check these sites.

This site is designed to be the ultimate online source for information on mid- to high-end home theater remote controls with reviews, complete specifications, operating tips and user-to-user message boards.

Home Theater

Online articles from their Home Theater Boot Camp series, reviews of new products and technologies hitting the audio/video market, and their comprehensive Measurements Guide will keep you informed and up to date.

This site has a DVD Player VCD,SVCD,CD-RW,
DVD-R/W Compatibility list. Also shows prices, ratings and user reports.
Check first before you buy a DVD for your home or computer.

Extensive forums on Home Theater components, PCs, Gaming, Room Construction, A/V Control & Automation and HDTV.

Crutchfield is a fantastic source of information on auto electronics. They sell everything you need, have a What fits in my car section, various kits, and even have a nice area with their Latest Articles and Videos.

Car Receivers - In-dash MP3 CD.
Like hardcopy? - They'll send you a free catalogue.

This site has all kinds of information on MP3 hardware, for your home, car, and everything portable.
Here's a link that goes directly to their:
Review of Car In-dash MP3 CD Players.

Select Your Vehicle Type and get free instructions on how to install electronics.
Maybe we want to learn to play some music for ourselves. These sites will help you out with that.
Woodwind Fingering Guide
They offer over 2000 fingerings for the flute, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon, and a handy forum to ask questions and give advice.

Dansm's Guitar Page
From the Top radio show is produced in association with WGBH Radio Boston and New England Conservatory of Music. They feature tons of great audio clips, and young talent from all over.


There's nothing like the feel of a guitar, and this is the place to get started or improve your skills.
Use their graphic guitar chord fingering chart online.
The site also offers basic lessons, reviews on equipment, and games like "Guitar Invaders".

Learning Guitar for Free (for Now) on YouTube.

Piano Education Page
Over 1000 pages of free information for teachers and students in both English and Spanish. There's a page where kids you can meet famous composers.

This site offers a large variety of educational resources that focus on the piano. Aside from the history of the piano they link to information on various composers. Also you'll find:
Free piano lessons 4 kids. Learn to play the piano. 50 free piano lessons for various levels of difficulty. Free online piano lessons with videos. Free Online piano Lessons for beginner piano players. Teach yourself piano.
There's lots more and don't leave the page before checking out their Virtual Keyboard link.

Want to try out some sheet music for your favorite songs or bands? This is the place to go. Just enter a song or band in their "TAB FINDER" window to get started. This search engine maintains an enormous database of tabs (over 200,000) that other web sites have made.

View the actual scanned in sheet music and covers online. They feature a selection of representative pieces for each decade between 1850 and 1920. Also included is a chronology of major events in politics & government, international affairs, companies, inventions, exploration, humanities, publications, and sports.
MP3 files - Download them, rip them from CDs, convert them and make your own music CDs. Find out what it's all about and how to do it for free at the sites below.

How to rip a CD to MP3 - Turn your music collection into digital files with this step by step guide. You'll be able to ensure your entire music collection is available on your PC, so you can listen to it while you're working on your PC, transfer it to your smartphone or even stream it across your home network.

How to copy CD to iPod & iPhone using iTunes. While it's pretty easy to copy a CD using iTunes, there are a few things you need to know and a few steps to take.
If you're looking for how to make a duplicate of a CD check out this article on How to burn a CD using iTunes.

Freeware Files: 5 Best Optical Drive Apps to Rip, Burn, Mount, and More!
Rip all different kinds of media - Burn your own custom discs and presentations - Convert physical media to digital images that you can pull up off of your hard drive.

We have to point out these must-see Beatles Sites.


- Disk Labels & Company 45 Sleeves (what they look like on the original releases)

- Chronological List of All Records In the US—In the UK

- Song Recording History (when and where the Beatles recorded their songs)

- Other Formats & Oddities

- Lyrics (go directly to the lyrics here)

- Counterfeits (a partial list - some with images - of Beatle record forgeries)

DM's Beatles site

Breakfast with the Beatles

The Fab Four Galleries

Beatles MIDI Albumes
Beatles Midi Albums

A collection of the 19 American albums.
Click on an album cover, pick a song, and listen to any one of your old favorites as you surf the net.

Beatles Guitar Tabs
Tabs listed by album and by individual Beatle are found here.

Beatles Guitar Tabs

Tabs listed in alphabetical order.

Check their main page for other groups and artists as well.

Some other fun sites to try out before you leave here.

Princeton Record Exchange


Princeton Record Exchange
They buy and sell new and used LPs and CDs.


Claims to have the best system in existence for finding the lowest available pricing and hardest-to-find new, out-of-print, and used titles.

Gather around the laptop and sing Xmas carols or a music standard.
Right - It's Internet Karaoke...
Just follow the bouncing ball and sing to the tunes!

The KARAOKE Channel

Fix a Scratched CD
You may be able to repair the damage.

Fix a Scratched DVD
There's some software too.

Net Radio

SHOUTcast Radio is a directory of online radio stations. Find over 45,000 music, talk, sports and community radio stations from the US and around the world.


A great site for dance related articles, links, jobs, schools and general advice.

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