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Space - Learn everything here first before you go there!
Solar System Simulator
Like having a planetarium in your own home. Pick a date and see the Earth from the moon at that time.
Spectacular views of the solar system from any vantage.
There are sample scenes, movie clips and a space library.
Detailed, accurate information about the world of space exploration,that covers shuttle missions and assembly of the international space station to statistics, and coverage of planetary exploration from Mars to Saturn.
You'll find the CBS News Space Reporter's Handbook, and the Current Mission page before each shuttle flight.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured.
Start there and then check out
over 4 years of pictures from their archives.
Sally Ride, the first American Woman to venture into outer space is was president of
The site has a message board, a chat room, current news and a space facts section.
The Great Images of over a thousand images. This collection is intended for the media, publishers, and the general public looking for high-quality photographs.
Live NASA Cam
Live video of Earth streaming from an external HD camera mounted on the ISS.
hubblehubble site
See Pictures from the the Hubble Space Telescope and much more from these two sites.
ss ss
Track the Space Shuttle, Space Station and Weather Satellites


The Nine Planets
A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System with overviews of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.
Keep up with all the news on the Space Station.
The Crews & Expeditions - Building & Assembly.
Also on the site - animations and video.
efs efs
Searches return photos by cities or geographic regions.


Up to the minute Space Station and Shuttle news.
Check SkyWatch for space station sighting opportunities in your city.
They also offer online press kits.

Frank Lloyd Wright
View his architecture
Read about his life

Wright Nearby
Find buildings
near you on this page

45 essential works by Wright - Pictures and Locations
A gateway to architecture from around the world and across history. Hundreds of buildings and leading architects with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, plus commentaries, bibliographies, and web links, for famous designers and structures of all kinds.

tallbuild  tallbuild

See the World's Tallest Buildings and Skyscrapers Under Construction - Search by City.

london 2alondon 1a

View an 80 gigapixel 360-degree panorama of London made up from 7886 individual photos - zoom in for fine details.
Other cities across the globe are available as well. Main site link.

Animal Cams - Learn from the animals or just watch for fun.
allaboutbirdsCreated by the staff of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. A comprehensive resource for North American birds, bird watching, and bird conservation.
livestream300 plus cams in one convenient site. Search for them by species, zoo, wild, pets, theme parks, country or state.
Design - Online design sites can help make things easier.
Kitchens Solved - Mix and match your choice of colors - Print, download or email your designs.
Visualize cabinets, countertops, floor tiles and backsplash options in different kitchen settings.
Math and English - Learn while having fun.
Got a math problem you don't understand? Just type it in and they explain how to do it step by step.
Design Crosswords, word searches and other puzzles and maybe learn a little bit at the same time.
Also check out Discovery School's Science, and Social Studies pages.

Basic Math Resources - Algebra Resources - Geometry Resources - Trigonometry Resources - Resources on Differential Equations - Pre-Calculus Resources.

Dr Math
Formulas - Selected Answers - Elementary School - Middle School - High School - College & Beyond

khanWatch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free. An collection of micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube.
View all the subjects available. Arithmetic, Algebra, Art History, Biology, Calculus, Computer Science, Cosmology and Astronomy, Economics, Geometry, Healthcare, Physics, SAT Preparation, just to name some.
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
If you're looking for a challenge or if you just want to strengthen your math skills this is the place to go.
pe Educate your body as well
The premier site for health and physical education for teachers, parents, and students. Provides the latest information about appropriate physical education programs.
Phrase finder
Browse phrases beginning with any character.
Find the meanings and origins of phrases and sayings.
Think this site is 'Much ado about nothing'?
Well 'Mum's the word' then. It would be a 'Moot point' for you to bother to check it out. You'd be as 'Mad as a hatter' to even look over the section starting with the letter 'M'.
Text text to speech 2
Virtual people speak your text in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese.
TinEyeTinEye is a reverse image search engine. It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, modified versions, or if there is a higher resolution version.
   Educational games for building foundation math and language skills. Teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids. Find free educational games that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more.
norwich   For people interested in becoming or learning about being an Entrepreneur, you can find some resources here. Some topics include: NextGen Entrepreneurs. Is Entrepreneurship for You? Encouraging Future Innovation. 8 Tips for Entrepreneurial High School Students.
opencultFree Textbooks, Audio Books, Online Courses, Certificate Courses/MOOCs, Movies, Languages, K-12 Resources, eBooks.
owlcationA site created by educators and experts on topics related to education and about all things academic. It's a great resource for teachers, students and writers.
Samples - Harriet Lane: Unmarried First Lady of the United States  |  100 Science Topics for Research Papers
Mary Todd Lincoln: Was She Insane?  |  Should Images of War Be Censored?  |  The 10 Most Important Events in History
library spot
Brings the best library and reference sites together with insightful editorial in one user-friendly spot. Sites featured here are hand-selected and reviewed by an editorial team for their exceptional quality, content and utility.
ref desk
A family-friendly web site that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current web-based resources.
Check out their Top 15 Refdesk Pages.


Really like to learn about things? Then how about free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT?
No registration required. MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world.


Academic Earth believes that everyone has the right to a world-class education. They curate an unparalleled collection of free online courses from the world’s top universities..
You'll find a comprehensive collection of free online college courses, and an ongoing series of original videos.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
From the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. PowerPoint presentations related to grammar.
FreeRice has two goals:
Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

You can use the resources at the National Archives to explore your family's ancestry or to explore history through documents and photos.

Discover Your Family History. Family Search is the largest genealogy organization in the world with over 1 billion names in searchable databases.

Be Careful out there - Stay alert for everyone's sake.

Search criminal records - Locate Inmates.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons was established in 1930. Today, the Bureau consists of 114 institutions, 6 regional offices, a Central Office (headquarters), 2 staff training centers, and 28 community corrections offices.

Protect your kids. There is a lot you can do.
Use Family Watch Dog to locate what registered sex offenders are living in your neighborhood. They provide information about sex offenders, where they live, where they work, and what they look like.

Free Public Redords Search.
Try searching a friend, relative, or yourself. They search public, voter and property registration to name just a few.

You might not want to continue a particular email chain after you read what Snopes has to say about it. They research things for credibility.

Current Affairs and History - So you know how we got here.

Visit the White House.
There is a White House for Kids section, current affairs, help desk, pictures, tours, Virtual Library and more.


Our government at work.
See the schedules for the Senate and House of Representatives and listen to the live audio.

Information on over 40,000 Politicians, searched by zip code.
Praised by the New York Times, CNN, PBS and virtually every other media outlet as the most trusted and source for information on candidates and issues.
United States SenateU.S. House Of Representatives

The Senate and House of Representatives online.

Learn how how to contact them, how they spend your money, and how the Committees on Science, Resources, Appropriations, Government Reform, and many others work and shape your lives.

Understand the election process for Federal officials

Also clicking on the grade levels will give you other items, such as Historical Documents, games and activities, debate topics, etc.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent Federal agency that helps preserve our nation's history by overseeing the management of all Federal records.

nara Presidential Libraries.
Visit the Libraries Online.
nara Electoral College - FAQs.
How does the Electoral College elect the president?

currencyThe Federal Reserve's Currency Education Program.
Two sections with fun, engaging activities that will help students better understand the currency in their pockets. Lesson Plans and Videos.


The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has some interesting items for sale. You can buy a 5 pound bag of money that contains a minimum of $10,000 worth of shredded US currency notes. (Warning, don't try this at home.)
Want an exact facsimile of the original Declaration of Independence? Each piece is printed by hand, using old style intaglio (engraved) printing methods as done in 1862.
The Lucky 777 notes, genuine $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes, feature a serial number beginning with no less than three number 7s in a row and go for about six dollars.
Uncut Currency Sheets of crisp, uncirculated $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and $50 greenbacks are also sold.


The Bureau of Engraving and Printing shows you why it's not such a good idea to print up your own money on an inkjet printer. They do have some fun kid games and activities like Catch A Counterfeit, Design Your Own Bill, and Interactive Bill Treasure Trivia Time.
Money facts has some interesting topics (archived).
Things like those 4 autos on the back of $10 notes have no make or model, and the hands of the clock on the back of the $100 note are set at approximately 4:10. The average cost of a note is 10 cents.
Educators can find complete lesson plans here.
Making Change - Design coins and play some games.

Global currency
The most popular are the US dollar, the euro, and the yen.
Forms of Money Around the World is just one of the informative articles on this site that also includes - Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals.
Each world currency features a unique design and history. You can see examples of some popular ones here.
List of currencies of the world. More global currency and information can be found here.
Current Currency Exchange Rates.
Pick a president and explore:
Biographical facts, Key events of each presidency, Presidential places, even Reference material and Teacher guides.
resourceResource Links
Online information to help you work on your Merit Badges and rank advancement.
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
Scroll down the page to the map and click on your state.

You'll find the information you need to see if you
or relatives have dormant checking and savings accounts, uncashed checks payroll, wages, insurance, refunds, credit balances, oil and gas royalties, dividends and stock.
fact - aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in US politics.
They monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major US political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases.


Let Matt Drudge help make sense of this whole government thing for you. There's links to stories from the United States and international mainstream media about politics, entertainment, and current events as well as links to many columnists.


Among the many duties they assume: To expose politicians who misrepresent history. To point out bogus analogies. To deflate beguiling myths. To remind Americans of the irony of history. To put events in context.


A site where you will find the most complete collection of animated flags of all the countries of the world and their dependencies.


Aside from having current flags of all nations, you can find out how flags came into existence, what were they used for, and all about the national flags in the middle ages.


What Does the American Flag Mean? The stars represent the fifty states, and the stripes represent the original thirteen coloniess. Here are more facts about the stars, the stripes, the colors, the folds, and when states were added.


What Star on the American Flag represents your state? There have been 27 official versions of the American Flag. Each time a State is added to the union, a star was added to the flag the next Fourth of July.

More History and Veterans Information
A Collection Of Veterans Links
Includes Assistance Programs, benefits Organizations, Women Vets, WWII Vets, services, etc. Request Military Service Records - Here. | VFW - Here.
VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars Website
Links to memorial pages of those listed.
Facts Events Questions Media.
Why did the Vietnam War start?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Dedicated to providing the most up to date
and accurate information regarding the
Names on The Wall in Washington DC
Karin's Story, Photos, Travel Tips
Vietnam - Learn More
Propaganda Banknote Leaflets  | The Vietnam Center | Subject Guides and Resources
Korea - The Fogotten War - These articles help to understand it.
The Korean War: Forgotten, Unknown and Unfinished
Korean War - Article, Video, Pictures.
Why is Korea the "Forgotten War"?
Visiting the Korean War Veterans Memorial.
More Military information and history
The Department of Defense social media site has many current articles and links to various blogs related to the Army, Airforce, Coast Guard and Navy. Did you know -
A submarine was the first enemy contact at Pearl Harbor.
More Submarine articles from other sources.
WW II submarines, less than 2 percent of the US Navy, sank over 30 percent of Japan's navy.
In the Civil War, one celebrated tactical innovation was the use of submarines by the Confederate Navy.
Submarines throughout history and the future of undersea warfare.
The Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, US Navy Airships, and other Dirigibles. Read about the Hindenburg, Graf Zeppelin, Flying Aircraft Carriers, The first Zeppelins, The world's first airline, the Goodyear Blimp.

Weapons of War - Tanks
No one individual was responsible for the development of the tank. Its design can be drawn back to the eighteenth century.
Ghost Army: The inflatable tanks that fooled Hitler.

What Everyone Should Know About the Civil War.
Things you may not know about Lincoln.
Need Help?
One of the hosts for the world famous Internet Law Library. Extensive links to hundreds of other pages and sites dealing with a variety legal topics and legal tools.
Was selected as the most "extremely useful" legal website for consumers in the 1998. Accident Law, Employment (Labor) Law, Estate Planning, whatever - They have it.
Example - Should you take a field sobriety test?
LII is a research and electronic publishing activity of the Cornell Law School.
Free legal advice from lawyers since 1995 - Forum Link
Help in paying for your Education
faDatabase of over 400,000 scholarships

faLoans, Scholarships -
Find everything from grants to grad school funds

Find Jobs Here


A look at companies from those who know them best. Ratings, reviews, and salaries for over 11,000 employers.







More sites that offer free help
CaptionCallThe CaptionCall phone has a large, easy-to-read screen that quickly displays written captions of what your callers say.
How Is It FREE? CaptionCall service is supported through a federal government fund. The phone is available at no cost with professional certification.
CallCenterTelemarketing spam and Robocalls are a consumer nuisance. This site allows you to enter a phone number and search for existing complaints, and to also report unwanted sales calls. There is detailed information about blocking these calls, the Do Not Call list, Robocalls, Caller ID spoofing, and more.

Area Code Map - Click on each State

Area Codes
Listed in order
Listed by State

all area codes
Printable Area Code Listings by State
Download a complete list of Area Codes

Free Email to FAX sending

5 Free Online Services to Send an Email to a Fax Machine.
Note: Be aware of privacy concerns.

Yellow Pages
Find a business by Name or Category
aniAutomatic Number Identification (ANI) a feature of the telephone network that permits capturing the billing telephone number (BTN) of a calling party.
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