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10 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars
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Interactive- Auto buying, selling.
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Know the real price. Find prices in your area or nationwide. Dealer cost, factory invoice, sticker, price trends, incentives - see what others really paid. Some have at the header - Car color guide.

Jalopnik - For car lovers , news and gossip for those obsessed with cars. Surprisingly non car lovers will also be drawn to read quite a few of these articles.

Run by Lisa, the-car-addict. "You can never have 'enough' Cars!". News and topics on - Test Drives • Lifestyle • Motor Shows • Museums • How to | What is • Car of the Week • Road Trips.

Auto News with topics on - New Cars, Used Cars, Car Reviews, Compare Cars, New Car Deals, Car Dealers, My Wheels, Auto Repair, Cars for Sale.

They have - News - Features - Classifieds - Forums - Shop - Sell your car and sections devoted to : Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ginetta, Lotus, Porsche, TVR, Ultima.

Britain's best selling car magazine, by the same people that do the BBC TV show.

First Drive Reviews, Comparison Tests, Auto show information, Photos and much more.

The Web's Automotive Authority
Tires and Tickets - Topics - Your Tires: How Old and Dangerous?  The 10-second rule: Shut off or idle?  Run On Regular: Do You Really Need Premium Gas?

Auto Tire Buying and Customer Reviews

Auto Tire Buying and Customer Reviews
Hot - Determining the Age of a Tire.

Auto Tire Pressure Database

They claim:
Fight your Parking Ticket - Beat your ticket Guaranteed
Pay your Parking Ticket - Pay your ticket in just minutes.

Fighting a speeding ticket
Speedtraps listed by state
Contesting a Ticket - Your Day in Traffic Court.
Also Speeding Ticket FAQ.

They list Speedtraps in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Keep it running - Tips - Check Engine light - Forums - Parts Add-ons  -  Topic - The Worst Drivers in the U.S. Live in… Click Here

They get some great recommendations.

Auto Repair By Topics - Engine Codes
Auto Repair By Manufacturer

Auto Repair - How do things work

Car Audio, Video, Speakers, GPS

Torin Chrome 6-Ton double-locking pinned jack stands with lifting range from 15.5" to 23.5" and extra-large footprint.

The best Jackstands on Earth? They allow you to lift and support your car with your current floor jack using the factory jack locations.

Race Ramps - The best low ground ramps on Earth?
Low clearance car help. Click the picture for best price.

Our Adventure in Southpark.
This is a true story of what can happen when companies get careless.
We ended up in a town called Southpark.
Watch out for those trucks carrying bricks!!

Some batteries provide enormous cranking power. Others, deep cycle reserve power. The ODYSSEY battery is designed to do both. They have an 8-12 year design life and a 3-10 year service life.

Pictures and free information on all Factory Original Rims, Wheels, Used Rims, Wheel and Used Wheels. Suggestions for Wheels or Rims that will better suit the model you're driving.
Remove Car Dents - With Airduster
Does this really work?
How about this? - Ding King
Maybe this? - Dent Wizard

Fuel System Tune-Up Kit - Improve fuel economy, acceleration and performance

Waterless Coolant - A stand-alone lifetime coolant that does not freeze, or boil over and is non-corrosive.

The Internet's largest collection of exotic car crash photos.

People show their car pictures and photos.
How does yours measure up?

Familycar.com explores the joy and frustration of car ownership. They provide tips on selecting your next vehicle, caring for it, handling repair problems and finding a good repair shop. Check out their road tests.

You want road tests?
You'll find them here and a lot more.

CHECK ENGINE light? Not all cars are the same, but here's an example. See how to read and clear the engine codes.
VBX Maxima decodes them - example, 07-05 (EVAP Control System), 07-07 (Rear Heated o2), 09-03 (EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve).
Go to an Auto forum like the ones below for more help on repairs. - More Nissan - Nissan Technical Information Articles

Questions about car repair, projects or general vehicle maintenance?
Advance Auto Parts makes it easy to find solutions. Click on 'Help'.
Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

Find vehicle-specific guides with detailed information and graphics. In most guides: step-by-step instructions with detailed photos and drawings, wiring diagrams, specification charts and repair tips.

Got an engine check code? Find out more about what to fix first and how on Automobile forums like these.
Search on Make> Model> ECU Codes.

Toyota LC Engineering Tech Pages - Do it yourself. Install your own splash guards.
More info and guides.

Crash Test and Rollover Ratings

Make sure your repair isn't already covered by a Technical Service Bulletin or a Recall.

Select Your Vehicle Type and get free instructions on how to install electronics.

Find it! - Car Database and Information Sheets

A great place to start checking for parts. Nice pictures and descriptions.

Harry's U-Pull It is a self-service auto salvage yard.
Monthly / daily specials sometimes offers Doors, Fenders, Hoods, Radiators and Transmissions for $85 or less.

Check out their PRICE COMPARISON chart.
Look for coupon codes.

By far the best automotive bulb look-up index. It lists every bulb your car has. Find headlight, exterior, and interior bulbs. You may see standard or upgraded bulbs that offer improved lighting performance and enhanced vehicle style.

They have a vast selection of manual antennas, power antennas, and power antenna masts.
Also, a number of tips and how-tos.

Check out these outfits if you're not looking to do transmissions yourself.


Check out these outfits if you're not looking to do transmissions yourself.


A premiere supplier of Transmissions, Transmission Parts and Transmission Overhaul Kits.
Small Engine Info -  Find Manuals and wiring diagrams and even ask questions to help to keep them running.
Murray Manuals - Find them HereBriggs and Stratton - Manuals, Parts lists and diagrams All Experts - Small Engine Q and A
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