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Space Art
Hubble inspired artworks, along with other content created by the public.

Between 1912 and 1948, painters, sculptors, architects, writers, and musicians participated in Olympic Games.

The Museum of Modern Art. Enough said!
Cincinnati Art Galleries
They specialize in 19th and 20th Century American and European Paintings and Art Pottery.

Maxfield Parrish
He was one of the greatest painters of the 20th century.

civil war art
Civil War Art
See the collection they offer.
John Paul Strain Art Gallery
Barker Animation Art Galleries
art museum
Art Museum Network

Visit art museums from every country and
sample their artwork.

American Museum of Photography

Amazing photographs and collections on display

The world of Escher
This Dutch graphic artist was most recognized for spatial illusions, impossible buildings, and repeating geometric patterns.
Escher was also famous for his incredible techniques in woodcutting and lithography.

Religious Art
The Vatican Museums
Holy Week In Jerusalem
Renaissance paintings
Worldwide tour of Churches
The Lord's Prayer in 535 Languages
The Sistine Chapel online
Full screen size pictures of all the artwork, and the ceiling is here at your fingertips.

An exhibit of American realist painter Edward Hopper. This cleverly designed site includes audio clips of Hopper and his peers discussing his art and processes.
Note - Featured topics change at the Smithsonian.


Click on the "Artists Index" or on "Search CFGA" to explore this wonderful Virtual Art Museum.
Hundreds of pictures and artists can be found, listed alphabetically or by country.


They have so much to offer including an interactive Web calendar which features a daily dose of American art and artists.
Just click on any date of the calendar and enjoy the many facets of our artistic heritage.


The explosion of the art market in Vietnam started a mere few years ago. The increasing number of tourists since the early 1990's has a lot to do with the interest in Vietnamese art.


Free small size of any artwork on the site ($1.99 s&h fee applies. Limit 10 per order.)
Custom-size any art, to save big on framing. All images offered in paper, canvas wrap, acrylic, or metal.


Barewalls.com claims to be the leading print and poster e-tailer boasting more than 150,000 selections, including fine art, decorative art, sports and celebrities.


The Louvre museum houses more than 6000 European paintings dating from the end of the XIIIth century to the mid XIXth century.
Enjoy a virtual tour of one of their many galleries.




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